Initial Systems is an audited approved Link Up supplier providing sponsored operatives and Safety Critical Staff throughout the UK on various Rail project.

Initial Systems has been actively involved in the planning and supply of operatives on numerous rail projects across the UK. We have supplied sites throughout England with the correctly trained operatives to complete the work required. Project specific contract managers oversee the whole process and liaise directly with the site team. We are developing our relationships with major contractors so that we can work together to increase efficiencies and ensure future projects are delivered safely and on time.

Initial Systems has delivered station refurbishments predominately undertaking resurfacing programmes to many platforms on various lines on the London Underground Network and Network Rail .The stations have been delivered on time and on budget ensuring minimum disruption occurred to the paying public whilst the works were being completed.

Detailed below is a list of some of the trades that we supply. All operatives have the appropriate Network Rail / LUL certification.

  • Civil trades (PTS holders)
  • Trackman
  • COSS
  • ES / Supervisor
  • Level Cross Attendant
  • Points Operator
  • Hand Signalman
  • Look Out / Site Warden
  • Crane Controller
  • LUL Entry Permit
  • SPIC